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So I was really excited the other by One Piece's return from a one month hiatus thinger... And because of it, I was in need of some OP icons.

Once I got a hold of some OP icons, I needed my layout to match a bit. :B
So I made a crappy header and tried to make the colors of my layout match more.
I kind of failed lololol.


Baaah I need to write an essay now. :c
But I'm so sleepy.. D;

I hope everyone else is doing well. ;A;

I've been playing TalonRO too much lately. U___U;;
My dancer is just too sexy;;

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Guess what? 8D Michael's 10 now! We went to Shadowland for his birthday on the 13th lol... I entered some stuff into the county earlier that day..

AHHHH LAZER TAGGING WAS SO FUN. C: I haven't.... done that since I was like... 7. lol :C I didn't remember how to play.
FFFT So basically it was like my cousin, Connie (one year younger), and me... against 8 other about10 year olds LOL.

:T I was forth place the first game lolol OTL;

The walls were not tall enough to hide me. :c So I had to DUCK lol and BARRELLLLL ROOOLLLL on the ground. ;D WAS SUPAH FUN.

AHHH SO the LJ comm mirror_sound IS VERY COOL C:
because it deals with the kagamines 8D <333

drew them for the first time the other day~ (yesterday? lol idk) and then i doodled MOARR cuz I looked at art_chan's lj... =u=

P.S. :C College stuff is not fun. Summer homework is not fun. SAT stuff is not fun. D: WRAIIII MUST I DO THESEEEE *HISSS* </3

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SO, It's not like anyone actually cares, but I just felt like updating my journal... |D

Hurhur;; So atm I'm at school. C8
I'm in my modern world class and all we had to do today was take this school survey. Mr. Forney said we could do whatever we wanted afterwards as long as we keep the noise level to a minumum.

A ton of sites are blocked at school man. >8T

Cathy and James are competing in Tetris. LULZ. James was... failing miserably for awhile, then made a killer comback.. 8D; HAHA I'M JUST A BORED DORK FOR WATCHING;

Oh.. I can read manga now... Hmm.. maybe I should.

LOL. Mr. Forney just came up behind us, and he read the beginning of my journal... =u= The part where I said, "I'm in my moder world..." etc.

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I kinda wish I wrote more in this when I was "younger"... Just from the posts below, I can tell how much I've... well changed.

I've been through a lot since then... both serious and silly. C: BAHH Interwebz ruined my "innocence" LOL <3 And IRL things happened too. :/

I met some the coolest people ever online, and I've been a complete ass online (well from my POV) too. ;___;

Just wanted to post something.. C: because I really haven't been updating any of my account thingies anywhere. Just maybe YouTube. Yeah.. that's about it. (Oh... dA journal perhaps.. |D; )

ANYWAYY. That's about it. [=

P.S. YT user = hakinechan
P.P.S. Sometimes I'm aimini online now.. |D; Like mangabullet. D8
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(no subject)

=] I bring a fic that my friend and I wrote (fantasyfreak16)

It's called Beauty and the Beast: Ranma 1/2 Style!

Uh... the title kind of gives it away ne? ><

It can be found here:
Almost All Written Chapters Posted Here
My Site That's Still Getting Around to Posting All the Chapters

This story was originally posted on but because it was half in script form, it was deleted.


Oh yea! Here's my first AMV. It's really girly... so beware.

It's dedicated to my brother. xD

Streaming (Newer Version... though not by much):
Download (Older Version):

Song: That's What Girls Do
Sung by: No Secrets
Video Clips: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Episode 30